Wednesday, March 9, 2016

De' Tulang Merah @ Happy Garden

De' Tulang Merah specialises in Singapore's 'sup tulang merah' (red bone soup); this friendly outlet's founders include a few Singaporeans, including singer Sufi Rashid (the winner of 2015's edition of Akademi Fantasia), whom fortunate fans might spot here on some performance nights.

De' Tulang Merah relies on spice mixes brought in from Singapore to create its signature indulgence - the sup tulang merah (RM21.90) features lamb leg bones in strikingly coloured, sweet-savoury gravy, meant for dunking with slices of white bread. The meat is tender & the bones come filled with fatty marrow, making for a rich, heavy meal. You'll also find interesting fusion dishes like Pasta Sambal Minang (RM12.90), comprising spaghetti (bearing a creamy-soft texture that evokes local hawker fried noodles) with hard-boiled eggs, crispy anchovies & chillies to convey the flavours of an unmistakably Malaysian recipe.

De Tulang Merah
A-G-1 Seri Gembira Avenue, No.6 Jalan Senang Ria, Happy Garden, Off Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur.
Tues-Sun, 11am-11pm

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  1. Woah! Really Tulang Merah wor!

    1. Ken: heh, yep, we're definitely seeing red! :D

  2. I've never had sup tulang before...let alone red ones (they look kinda scary)! :D What makes them red...hope it's some spices and not food colouring.

    1. Contact.ewew: apparently the recipe varies from place to place, but there's tomato sauce and chilli paste which i guess helps add to the redness, though some sort of other colouring is probably involved too! :)

  3. Oh? The AF winner from Singapore - he's good, saw some of the videos on youtube. I love places with live long as it's not too loud, nice, soothing stuff, relaxing.

    I saw one place in Miri that had this gearbox thing but no, I was not brave enough to try. LOL!!! I wonder what makes this one red - char siew sauce? Definitely not our Foochow ang chao (fermented red yeast rice), I'm sure.

    Dunno any tulang merah - I only know "biar putih tulang, jangan putih mata"...

    1. Suituapui: i've not heard his music, but i should check it out on youtube too! i'm assuming it's some sort of pop, like justin bieber maybe, heh :D
      i like these bone soups because of the marrow and the usually tender, chunky meat. i didn't ask about the recipe here, but yeah, the redness of the gravy makes it quite unusual! :D
      oh, your memory of peribahasa and pepatah is way better than mine :D

  4. Hmm...this looks an interesting shade of red, it's like chilli red but darker. I find it nice and appealing though. I love eating stuff like this and I wouldn't have known it had existed if not for your blog.

    I have eaten soup gearbox before and the best one was in Johor but I've never had it like this.

    1. Huai Bin: yeah, i liked the shade too, i also thought it was relatively appetising ;) the last time i had sup gearbox was at a place called raja sup at taman tun ... it was a bit too rich and savoury for me, heh :)

  5. I wonder what they add to make this soup so RED! A bit scary for me to be honest =.="

    1. Choi Yen: heh, that'd be one question to research if you wanna recreate this recipe :)

  6. Wow...just watch jalan2 cari makan....nice one